Where should you start?

In the 21st century websites are an essential part of doing business, even if it is just a single page with some contact details. If you have a business, society or hobby that you would like to put onto the web, then where should you start?

The first thing to think about is what type of website you need, or more importantly, what you need the website to do for your business:

  • Brochure site - to give the organisation a presence on the web or to showcase goods and services without customer interaction.
  • E-commerce site - to sell goods or services online.
  • Database driven site - where you need to be able to change the information on your website on a regular basis.
  • Blog - for commentary or news on a particular subject or personal online diaries.

A comprehensive website may combine all of these elements. If you want your customers to pay by credit card or input other sensitive information, we offer the comfort of secure "https" sites that use state of the art encryption.

Part of our service includes advising you on what type of website it most appropriate for your business.

Why Do You Need To Plan A Website?

A well designed website doesn't just look good. It needs to be functional. Planning how different parts of the website link to one another is essential. Customers get frustrated if they can't find the information they want quickly and easily. Your website needs to flow easily from background information through to a contact or sale with clear links to all areas on every page. We don't design websites just to look good.

Some web design agencies believe that you have to cram everything on your front page to minimise the number of clicks a customer makes or to make a website attractive to Google. Its simply not true and research has proven that customers would rather have clear links and click through several times than to trawl down a lengthy page searching for information.

Is your current website suffering from neglect? 

Time flies and the state of the art website you set up a few years ago might well be looking a bit tired now compared with your competitors'. 

We can help you by modernising your existing site and adding new functionality to make the site work more effectively for you and your customers, or by working with you to design and develop something completely new.

Search engines like Google value websites that change regularly very highly, so if your website has been EXACTLY the same for the last few years, its likely that your search engine listings are not as good as they could be.

As your business grows, your website should grow with it. We specialise in creating websites that you can change and update yourself so you don't need to keep paying a website agency to update your site every time your business changes.